That’s What Wine Friends are For

Attachment-1Meet a few of my wine buddies. We cook together, laugh until we cry together and we drink a lot of wine together. 92 bottles  to be exact when we spent a week at the beach this summer unnamed(don’t be judgey – there were 10 of us – that means just a little over a bottle  a day..each).

maine,sicily,etc-aug2014 084My vacation plan was to photograph each bottle and put together a holiday wine slideshow. By Day 2, I just couldn’t keep up.

Most of the  wines ranged from $7.00 – $28.00 – Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and even a few Chardonnays. And  one night each couple paid homage to The Goddess of Wine and brought one special bottle for a beachfront wine tasting.

 The Goddess of Wine
The Goddess of Wine

The contenders::

Ruffino  Romitorio de Santedame 2001 Tuscany IGT $60.00wow cali Mistral

Le Mistral 2010, Monterey County Red Blend  $28.00lucente

Salco 2004, Tuscany IGT 

La Vite Lucente 2011  $29.00

Byron Pinot Noir  Santa Barbara County 2012  $19.99

The bottles were all covered with brown paper bags. The advantage to short term memory loss is I could put them in the bags, leave them for an hour and I had no idea which was which.ian and sandra

Each team of two had a homemade tasting mat with circles from 1-5. You can also download one online We were all told the names, varietal and price of each of the five bottles.  These are not cork dorks by any means. They do like their wine though.

the winnersThe winning team got to do  their little victory dance (congrats Maria and Phil), and we all got the chance to taste some really great wines without spending a fortune.

As a Brazilian buddy once told me, “You don’t make friends drinking milk”.

Wine Challenge Favourites:

  • Salco 2004 Tuscany – you can’t go wrong with this one.
  • La Vite Lucente 2011 Tuscany – Another top performer you can always count on
  • Le Mistral  2010- a fantastic California blend,  exceptionally balanced and a fan favourite.
  • Byron Pinot Noir  Santa Barbara County 2012   – respectable but not as appreciated in when compared to the others.
  • Ruffino  Romitorio de Santedame 2001 Tuscany IGT – sadly this one was off.