Great Wines for Summer Sipping

mia, maine & sicily 139If you are lucky, you have that one special place where everything is familiar, everything stays the same. Where the light bounces perfectly off the water at magic hour, the photographer’s favourite time.  When taking a bad picture, just isn’t an option.


Twenty-six years into this adventure, we sit and sip, a crisp white followed by the Red du Jour – watching the mini-dramas unfold and appreciating the joys of a slower life. The toddlers fetch pail after pail of water while their parents encourage them because they know who will fall into bed exhausted tonight.


The grade schoolers compete with the seagulls screeching at the top of their lungs that “I AM NOT TIRED!!!!”. “Of course not, ” soothes the Dad, knowing that countdown to dreamland (for both parents and kids) has begun.IMG_1349

They say goodnight to the magnificent creations of the day.

IMG_1362And make plans for their next architectural wonder, moat and all..


The future CEO’s of the world hold top-level meetings in the tidal pool to discuss their oh- so-important agendas. “What’re you getting from the ice cream truck tomorrow?” “Dunno”

It’s all simply timeless.

A couple of things have changed: parents lug around a lot more gear. sun proof tents, super sand castle makers, paddle boards, high tech coolers and portable mini cribs, tables and chairs for the next generation.


Oh and we drink better wine… and a lot more of it.

Getting Ready for the Week

This year’s picks for the first couple of days: Matua Sauvignon Blanc 2013 ($9.99 US, $13.95 LCBO – on sale until Sept. 13th,, $18.25 SAQ) and two California Cabernet Sauvignons – Josh from Josh Cellars 2012 ($12.95 US) and Freakshow  2012 from Michael David Winery ($18.95 US). Both are available at the LCBO on occasion.

IMG_1337IMG_1373 IMG_1361







We have the luxury of drinking too much or not enough and enjoying the moments we all lived, loved and on occasion endured. Would I change them for anything? Never.


Sun salutations.