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Apps For Wine Lovers

It seems these days there’s an app for everything and wine is no exception, actually you’ll find dozens at the app store most of which are free.  They range from apps that help you pair foods, practically making you an instant Sommelier to ones that help track the wine in your cellar and can handle a collection of 3000 bottles or more.


Lis has long had the LCBO app and loves it.  I recently put it on my iphone and I’m amazed at all it does…you can browse by product (we’ll say wine of course), select a category like red wine, a country, a region and find all the wines they have in stock (brilliant).  You can  search by keyword (wine type like Merlot, Cabernet, Shiraz etc.), find the closest store and last but not least scan the bar code on a bottle to get the price, tasting notes and serving suggestions.  You can even save it as a favourite so if you forget the name of the wine you drank and loved, next time you go to the store it’s right there on your smartphone (God Bless technology).

For those living in Quebec the SAQ has a similar app and scanning the barcode will bring up all the wine info. This one has more complete tasting notes and also has a great feature where you can plug in the food you plan to eat and it will find you a wine match.

Lis often travels between Ontario and Quebec and likes the SAQ better as an app, though admits to using the LCBO one more – ok a lot more – but says it’s just because she lives here.

Wine spectator app – is alright but really for the more advanced wine drinker. A lot of their products are not available here, but their library of reviews is vast. Rarely use the app, but the web site is terrific.

Wine spectator Napa – app wine porn – fantastic guide to Napa wineries if you are heading there.

Bottlenotes – brought to you by the around the world in 80 sips ladies. I don’t use the app often, but I do enjoy their news letter.

Natalie Maclean – I find this is only useful for wines currently at the LCBO. Not a lot of detail, can’t say I use it all that often. (Updated with new information

"Drinking Mirror" App
“Drinking Mirror” App

Lastly something a little different that was recently in the news, an app called “Drinking Mirror” created by the Scottish government showing women how their looks will change if they should continue to drink heavily.  This is meant to get women to stop binge drinking by appealing to their vanity rather than telling them about the health implications.  Asking “is drinking aging you?” the app lets you take your photo, enter your weekly alcohol consumption and then see a computer generated image of toll too much alcohol could take on your appearance.  I tried and it wasn’t a pretty site (kind of why I work behind the camera rather than in front of it). This one is something fun for a girls night out.

There’s so many more apps and if you have a great one to share we would love to hear from you.