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Movies for Wine Lovers


When wine is a passion, you are  always looking for new ways to enrich the experience,  The spa that serves bubbles, the endless hours in the hair stylist chair is eased  with a glass of chilled  Vouvray, and now my latest addiction…Movies for Grown-Ups.

The VIP movie theatre experience  has reached a whole new level with reclining seats more comfortable than at home, plenty of leg room and a selection of wine by the glass or even by the bottle.

This is the way to watch a movie.







A glass or two  of Sparkling  during La La Land.

Five ounces of California Cab to sip during Manchester By the Sea, Make that 8 ounces, please.

And a punch your face off Zin to sip while hiding your eyes on the Saturday afternoon shoot ’em up  flick Jack Wick 2.

You get the idea.  This is the way to watch a movie.  A little pricey, but Boomers no longer have to pay the sitter.

it’s dangerously addictive.  And the appeal is clear.  No crowds. No line-ups.

The message is simple – if you pour it, we will come.