Italian Wines – A little Rant, A Little Rave



Late last year we attended a great event put on by the LCBO.  From north to south, they invited the women of some of Italy’s most prominant wine making families.   From Piedmont to Tuscany and down to the Abruzzo, it was an evening that showed not only the strength of the women involved in the industry but the wines were absolutely delicious.

So as the evening ended we couldn’t leave without putting in an order.  We paid half up front and left excited that we’d soon be enjoying more of these great wines.   We knew it would be about six months until the wines arrived from Italy and they were almost forgotten about until the notice arrivedthat they’d arrived at the LCBO warehouse.

Calling in straight away to settle the bill in hopes we would crack a bottle that same weekend our hopes were dashed when we were told it would take another 4-6 weeks for the warehouse to process the order.  Seriously?

If and when they arrive we’ll be sure to let you know if they were as good as we thought.  Now I’ll just dream about our next trip to Italy so we can visit some of these great vineyards ourselves.


Great Wine under $10.

Great Wine under $10.

Alianca Vinho Verde 2010

It was so hot last night I decided a salad was the perfect meal.  Feeling like a glass of wine I was looking for something nice and light.  Someone had recommended I try the Alianca Vinho Verde 2010 from Portugal.  It was slightly spritzy in the glass like a soft Procesco.  It was fresh tasting and a perfect match to the salad.  You’ll want to serve this chilled and even without the meal to accompany it, it would make a great wine to sip on a sunny summer afternoon.


Because Sometimes All You Need Is a Good Glass of Wine