Still Guessing

This has been an absolutely crazy week for me…my blogging partner in crime is currently away having the time of her life in Italy, as you can see from the previous post.  Since we also work together at our day jobs, when she’s not there things get a little stressful for me. There were a couple of big projects that needed to be taken care of, which meant I worked 23 hours from Tuesday morning til Wednesday night.  This of course didn’t leave time for much else except a little sleep so when I finally got back to my desk I found 2 new mystery boxes sitting there.

To boot I got a note from whoever is organising #thelabelproject that I had to figure out what these last two wines are and send in all my tasting notes by tomorrow afternoon.

So here I sit, sipping from bottle #2.  It arrived as usual in a box with a couple of clues and some chocolate

(Oh yes, I cracked that at the office to alliviate the stress – I would have cracked the wine as well but for some reason there’s a company policy against drinking wine at your desk – a shame really because I could have use a drink today!)

The clue states the winters are cool and wet but summer days are warm dry and sunny, well that could describe half of the globe so not much help there.  The varietal clues says spicy aroma of rich fruit cake, berry flavours with a hint of dark chocolate.

Since I better get a move on I’ve had a glass of wine #2 and I’m cracking bottle #3 which comes from a maritime climate, tastes of ripe cassis with a hint of mint…hmmm.

Right now all I definately know is these wine are from Australia.  This is definately tough work but someone’s got to do it.  But whether I get it right or wrong, it’s been a lot of fun trying to figure it out.  Considering in my line of work I get pitched a ton of marketing campaigns, some definately better than others.   So whoever came up with this idea deserves koodos because it definately caught my attention, way to go #thelabelproject