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A Cause to Celebrate

It seems there’s a day or a month for every important cause now…World Aids Day, Alzheimer’s Day, Heart Health month and Breast Cancer Awareness month.  There’s so many more and supporting a charity that helps provide care or research to the ones we love or have lost makes us feel like we’re at least doing something.

But in an economy where most of us are just managing to pay the bills, charities are often the losers.  The last few years have seen a steady decline in donations leading to cutbacks in the services these organizations can provide.

So what if you could enjoy a nice bottle of wine, while helping others at no extra cost?  Well, now you can through a wonderful idea created by Brett Preston called “The Little Grape That Could”.

Asked to come up with innovative way to raise money for charity Brett figured why not go big…rather than focusing on a single one, he wanted to find a way to share the funds among numerous organizations.

Many years in the making and with the help of friends two wines were created…a Torrontés and a Cabernet Sauvignon both from Mendoza, Argentina that now sell at the LCBO with all proceeds going to charity.

Each bottle costs just $11.95 and has a unique code on the back you key it in at their website, and select the charity you want to support. Every six months, they compile the charities people have chosen and donate all the profits.

Brett and his dad

Much of this project was inspired by Brett’s father and it took on new meaning when he passed away from Leukemia. Devastated but wanting to honour him Brett continued the project and decided each bottle should celebrate someone special.  You even have the chance to nominate someone you believe deserves a toast and if they like your suggestion they will celebrate that person on a limited addition run.

So whether you like red or white, raise a glass and give a toast to a great cause.