Why Drink Water?

“Why drink water, when you can drink wine?”, it’s quite possible this is a quote but I’m not sure who to attribute it to.  But somehow over the years it’s sort of become my motto.  Not that water isn’t good for you or that I don’t drink it, it’s just that I’d much rather be drinking wine.


Lucie & Nilesh
Lucie & Nilesh

My husband and I just spent a very lovely 10 days on the Riviera Maya with our good friends Lucie and Nilesh.  We’ve made this journey every January for the past six years and we always have a great time.  Dollar for dollar vacationing in Mexico offers great value for your money and we’ve never been disappointed.

We’ve stayed at various five-star resorts along the strip, some more than once and while each has different things to offer we’ve always enjoyed ourselves.

0-4This time we stayed at the GRAND SIRENIS MAYAN BEACH HOTEL & SPA and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The food was good, the hotel was lovely and the staff, especially the animation team were terrific. Not only did they offer the usual nightly shows but lots of fun and entertainment all day long and on several evenings there was even a Mariachi  band that came to perform for everyone sitting in the lobby area.

The only thing I’m always disappointed in is the wine selection.  I talked about this quite a bit in the post called “In Case of Last Resort” published in November of 2012 and for a country where the weather is primed for making wine you’d think they be better at it.  Basically you’ve got your standard Vino Blanco or Vino Tinto offered at every restaurant and buffet but even if you want to pay extra and order something better it’s generally from Chile and no worth paying the extra for.

0-2But considering our fun in the sun was a cheap and cheerful vacation I don’t want to slag the wine selection too much.    While a lousy red is really hard to drink,  a so so white goes down alright when it’s chilled and served with food, so we enjoyed many a glass at every meal.

And while most large resorts purify their water for drinking if you’re going off site you might just want to play it safe and stick to the wine when stopping for a meal, so you don’t wind up with the Mexican stomach flu.

But after ten glorious days in the sun and enjoying lots of cheap and cheerful white I’m happy to have a lovely glass of red once again.