Wine App Worth a Second Look

Natalie MacLean's Wine Picks and Pairings
Natalie MacLean’s Wine Picks and Pairings



Tina talked about some of the easy to use apps over the weekend, including that crazy one I want to stay far away from that shows how much alcohol can age you. I included a few that I used regularly and some that didn’t overly impress the first few visits.

 Wine Picks and Pairings: Natalie MacLean’s app  definitely impressed the second time around. I poked around and  found  all kinds of features that will have me coming back.  My favourite:  the top 10 best value wines at the LCBO outlets  closest to your home. You can sort by price, score or wine type. I love this feature.  When you select a wine, it will give you Nat’s review and/or a full review. 

Top 10 Best Value Wines in This LCBO
Top 10 Best Value Wines

There are also pairing features that sort by your wine, food or occasion. You can store the names of your favourites, add them to a shopping list or to a virtual cellar if you pick one up for home.  For those of you far more organized than I, it allows you to keep track of everything you have in your cellar (or for most of us – the wine rack). You can also scan the barcode of a wine  to get and store the information and it allows you to share reviews of wine you are excited about. Nice work!

This app is easy to navigate and full of useful information. Available for Iphone/Ipod Touch, Blackberry and Android.